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There are only 2 ways to increase the visibility of your website in Google Search Engine.

How Google Ranks a Website​

Google wants its users to have better experience while visiting your webpage, and the only way to tell Google about that is through their Google Algorithms System, performed by Search Engine Googlebot (Spiders).

What is Google Algorithm • Googlebot

Google Algorithm is a set of rules that the search engine uses to determine the significance and relevance of any given webpage. This information is collected by Search Engine Googlebot (Spiders) and the Spider will “crawling” and “indexing” your webpages automatically unless you block it through robots.txt.

Terminology Explanation:
1) “Crawling”: the process of Google visiting your webpage for tracking and monitoring purposes. Google will then use this information to categorize your webpage on their search engine.
2) “Indexing”: the process of Google adding your web page onto their search engine.

So, how we going to deal with these “Spiders”? The short answer is SEO.

What is SEO?​

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization – the process of optimizing your webpages to get organic (free or unpaid) traffic from the Search Engine. SEO can divide into 2 components: On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization – both are highly important for Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

1.) On-Page Optimization – The process of webpage optimization done within the website itself
Such as sitemap and robots.txt submission, Meta Description, Mobile friendliness, Keywords Researches and much more.

**We do not charge additionally for On-Page Optimization as we believe it is an essential part of designing quality web/landing page design.

2.) Off-Page Optimization – The process of webpage optimization done outside of the webpage.
This optimization is all about Link Building (Authoritative Inbound Link and Authoritative Outbound Link) with a High Domain Authority that developed by Moz, the more “links” a site has, the higher its SERPs would be. However, getting valuable backlinks could be extremely difficult and time consuming but Organic Traffic is priceless. In the perspective of SEO, if “Content is the King” then “Backlink is the Queen.”, you have to build quality backlinks instead of bad links to rank higher in Google Search Engine.

Terminology Explanation:

1) Inbound Link (Backlink): an incoming hyperlink from other websites (such as Forum, Government or any authoritative website) that link to your website.

2) Outbound Link: a hyperlink from your webpage to another website.

Actually there are more than 200 factors that can impact your ranking on the Google Search Engine.
However, as long as you maximize your on-page and off-page optimization, your website will eventually ranked by Google.

Once your webpage is fully OPTIMIZED, you are ready to do SEM.

What is SEM?​

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing.
It is a paid form of online advertising, such as Google Adwords also known as Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising.

Some of the benefits of doing SEM:

  • Increase your website visibility on Google Search Engine;
  • Better & Best Return on Investment (ROI);
  • Improve brand awareness for your company;
  • Increase sales leads;
  • Better conversion rates.

LjK’s role is to work closely with you to achieve your business objectives through a carefully customized digital marketing strategy that is professionally executed, and the optimum result can be monitored and measured via a variety of transparent digital reports such as Google Page Insight, Google Search Console and Google Analytics. These Google tools are used for measuring web performance and traffic. LjK provides one-on-one digital marketing consultation for free, because we know that every business is unique, and the success of any digital marketing strategy depends on strong and proper communication with our clients. Therefore, we emphasize the importance of clear & open interaction, as this will allow us to understand your business better and, more critically, implement the proper digital marketing strategy plan that will ultimately increase your business sales.

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