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Promo Code: TLH0520 Enjoy your discount at today!

Terms & Conditions

Welcome to LJK Digital Empire (003002333-W).

1.) All payments (online transfer, cheque, e-wallet, cash) must be payable to LJK Digital Empire (003002333-W) only. We will not ask our customers to make payment to a third party or whosoever to prevent scams. Hence, we will not hold any responsibility and liability against your losses.

2.) Our pricing for the web development package is divide into 3 components:

  • Administration Costs
  • Configuration Costs
  • Setup Costs

Our contract period for the web development package is 365 days (from the day your website is officially complete and launched).

3.) No deposit payment is required, however only the payment of “Administration Costs” and “Configuration Costs” is required before we are launching the project.

4.) You must pay the “Administration Costs” and “Configuration Costs” as described in the Service Description (from quotation) to us within 3 days from the day you signed the quotation.

5.) We will start the project after we received the following things:

  • Digital Application
  • Company Logo
  • Company Photos (Office Building, Product & Service, and other materials)
  • Content in Writing (if applicable)
  • The payment collection of “Administration Costs” & “Configuration Costs”
  • NEW personal gmail account with password (Login Credentials)

6.) Your website will go-live, when:

  • You have accepted and approved the project.
  • You have released the full payment to us (Administration Costs + Configuration Costs + Setup Cost).

7.) “Configuration Costs” will be fully forfeited if you failed to make the balance payment (Setup Costs) within the given timeframe after you approved the project, and your website data will be wiped.

8.) We have full control/access over all the accounts stated in the Account Ownership (from quotation), and you cannot access these accounts until you have made the full payment OR after our management approves your refund request

9.) We will hand over all the login credentials listed in Account Ownership (from quotation) to you after receiving the full payment. We are also take full responsibility for your website security within the contract period.

10.) We will publish your website on our official website as a portfolio upon your approval.

Thank you.

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