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Promo Code: TLH0520 Enjoy your discount at today!

Affordability • Quality

Malaysia #1​ Low-Cost
Web Design Agency.

LJK Digital Empire : we designing quality websites for SME at the most affordable price.

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we don't just sell websites
we create websites that SELL. - web designer at work by timkaekler - SEO

Low-Cost • Budget Business Web Design :

At LJK Digital Empire, we are designing quality websites for SME at the most affordable price ( We are confident to announce that “Refund Policy” is included in our website package).

A quality website is able to reduce bounce rate and increase conversion rate. Quality website means it loads lightning fast; it is usable on all platforms (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop), and also it has great functionality like Live Chat, Contact Form, Social Media Integration like direct integration with WhatsApp/Facebook, Google Map, and other API that can be integrated into their website to drive more sales. X’s practice is to follow Google’s guidelines to meet its search engine requirements. This allows the client’s website to take advantage of SEO to bring long-term benefits to their business, such as obtaining online traffic from organic searches and increasing the conversion rate.


Low-Cost ≠ Low Quality

LJK Digital Empire is a low-cost web design agency in Malaysia, we ensure the value of your website is more than the price you paid for. ​

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A Quality Hosting :

We use quality and premium hosting provider to host your website, and we will say no to Shared Hosting that can potentially hurt your website security and page speed, we will only allocate your website to VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting or Managed Cloud Hosting that will brings the most benefits to your website.

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A Unique Design:

We design your website using a lightweight (source codes optimized) theme that focuses on usability, stability,  accessibility, functionality. Clients are free to edit any part of their website based on their desired design. It is worthwhile to mention that we will provide FREE guidance / training to our clients to edit and update their website with the easier way possible.

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A Quality Support :

We provide after-sales service by monitoring the client's website on a time-to-time basis. We constantly check for website security vulnerabilities as well as CMS core software updates, and we will also attend to clients’ content update requests very professionally, CMS training sessions will be provided upon request with no additional cost too.

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A Guaranteed SEO On-Page Optimized :

We strongly believe that SEO On-Page Optimization SHOULD NOT be charged additionally to the customers, as it is an essential part of designing quality web or landing page design, and so, the following SEO On-Page optimization will be provided with no cost to our valued clients :

- Responsiveness for all devices.
- Page speed Optimization.
- Heading Structure.
- Meta Title & Description.
- Internal & External Links.
- Image Optimization.
- Basic SEO Content (with industry keyword)
- Google Analytic.
- Google Sitemap Submission.
- Google My Business (upon request).
- Google Webmaster Management (Google Search Console).
- robot.txt  Submission.
- and many more.

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A Full Stack Web Security System :

We take website’s security very seriously. Therefore, the following security system will be applied to your website as our primary standard operation procedure, and a FULL refund is applicable if the client's website is infected with malwares or blacklisted by Google. 

A Full Stack Web Security System :

- Domain DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions).
- Brute Force : Rename Login Page with Google ReCAPTCHA, Honeypot Security.
- Header Security (X-XSS Protection, X-Frame Option (XFO) , X-Content Type Options , HSTS, Permissions Policy & Referrer Policy).
- Script Injection Protection.
- Disable PHP Unauthorized Execution.
- File Change Detection Scans.
- Files Access Restriction / Permission.
- User Account Management - Login Lockdown, Failed Login Records, Force Logout, Account Activity Logs, Logged in Users.
- Basic Firewall Rules : XMLRPC accessibility , Pingback vulnerabilities.
- Advanced Firewall Rules : Listing of Directory Contents, Trace & Track, Deny Bad Query Strings, Advanced Character String Filter.
- and many more.

jK Custom Web Development :​​

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Custom Landing Page

RM 50+ / month
  • Contract : 1 Year
  • ***Start from RM699 per year (Depend on the website customization)
  • One Premium Landing Page
  • No Management Fee
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Yearly Renewal Discount : 25%
  • Suitable : Agency (Leads Generation)
  • Buy Now Pay Later is applicable.
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Custom e-Commerce

RM 120+ / Month
  • Contract : 1 Year
  • ***Start from RM1499 per year (Depend on the website customization)
  • Multiple Premium Web Pages
  • Payment Gateway
  • No Management Fee
  • No Hidden Charges
  • No Commission
  • Yearly Renewal Discount : 25%
  • Suitable : Online Store
  • Buy Now Pay Later is applicable
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Custom Standard Website

RM 80+ / Month
  • Contract : 1 Year
  • ***Start from RM999 per year (Depend on the website customization)
  • Multiple Web Pages (Min. 4 pages)
  • No Management Fee
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Yearly Renewal Discount : 25%
  • Suitable : Company Profile / Portfolio
  • Buy Now Pay Later is applicable

ALL Plan Comes With :​

How It Works :

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Sign Up With LJK.

1.) Sign up to our service.
2.) FREE : Online consultation by our professionals.
3.) FREE : Quotation generated based on client’s needs.

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Strategic Planning and Communication.

1.) Identify website objective through communication.
2.) Consolidated client’s information in one website.
3.) Comprehensive industry research to ensure highest accuracy of SEO.

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Server Setup & Configuration.

1.) Domain : We will register your preferred domain name (website url) to iCann registrar.
2.) Hosting : The registered domain name will connected to the web hosting (heart of the website).
3.) Content Management System (CMS) : All website contents can be managed through this system.

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Web Development.

1.) Wireframing Website : Design Structure, Contents, Functionality, Stock Images, Photos.
2.) Optimization of HTML, CSS, JavaScript codes to ensure page’s performance like PageSpeed.
3.) Checking & Testing : Website Responsiveness, Functionality & Usability.
4.) Website completion :within 10 business working days (excluded weekend, public holiday).

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Support & Maintenance.

1.) Unlimited website revisions.
2.) Update website in monthly basis.
3.) Monitoring website traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

LJK Digital Empire (003002333-W) is a newly established low-cost web development agency in 2021 based in Cheras, Malaysia. We aim to create a Low-Cost Premium Web design and Affordable eCommerce Marketing Solution for small businesses.

- To provide the Lowest Cost of digital marketing so that every SME can advertise digitally and effectively.
- To maintain the Highest Performance of digital marketing campaigns.
- To embrace the Newest Technologies to increase cost-efficiency in digital marketing.

- Product information website
- Company profile website
- Portfolio website
- NGO website
- Agency website
- Basic E-Commerce website 
- Membership – Coming Soon

LJK Digital Empire works with all kind of popular industry like F&B, Photography, Hair salon and many more.

- Online Transfer (Cash)
- Visa, Master, Amex.
- E-Wallets : TnG , Boost, Apple Pay, ShopeePay, GrabPay.

We will complete your website within 10 business working days (excluding weekend, public holidays).

Refund is subject to our refund policy : CLICK HERE 
Our official communication : CLICK ME 

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