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RM150 + RM150​

Welcome to LJK's Reward Program​

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how it works :

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  • RM 150 Off For Your First Time Purchase of Our Service​
  • Receive another RM 150 per Successful Referral Sales
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we don't just sell websites, we create websites that SELL.

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Low-Cost • Budget Business Web Design

At LJK Digital,
we are designing quality websites for SME at the most affordable price, and we are also proud & confident to announce that “Refund Policy” is included in our website package.

A quality website is able to reduce bounce rate and increase conversion rate. Quality website means it loads lighting fast; it usable on all platforms (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop), and also it has great functionality like Live Chat, Contact Form, Social Media Integration like direct integration with WhatsApp/Facebook, Google Map and other API that can be integrated in their website to drive more sales. LjK’s practice is to follow Google’s guidelines to meet its search engine requirements, because this allows the client’s website to take advantages of SEO to bring long-term benefits to their business such as obtaining online traffic from organic searches and increasing the conversion rate.

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LJK Digital Web Development :​

  1. VPS / Managed Cloud Hosting (with a dedicated premium ip address)
  2. Your Preferred Domain Name ( www. example .com ).
  3. Content Management System (CMS).
  4. Content Delivery Network (CDN).
  5. SSL Secured Certificate.
  6. Basic SEO Content Writing.
  7. Premium Stock Images with licensed.
  8. Premium and Elegant Business Web Design.
  9. Website functionality: Live Chat, Dynamic Contact Form, Social Media Integration.
  10. On-Page SEO Optimization.
  11. Website Security Enchantment.
  12. High Availability of CMS Support.
  13. Business Email Address.
  14. Responsive Website for All Devices (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop).
  15. Transparent Pricing with Dedicated Support.

RM150 + RM150​

Welcome to LJK's Reward Program​

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how it works :

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  • RM 150 Off For Your First Time Purchase of Our Service​
  • Receive another RM 150 per Successful Referral Sales

Transparent Pricing

From RM3000
From RM 1699.99 Per Year
  • One-time Charges.
  • High Yearly Renewal Discount.
  • No Hidden Charges.
  • No Monthly Management Fee.
  • Limited Promo Code : TLH0827

How It Works :

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Sign Up With LJK.

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1.) Please sign up to our service HERE
2.) FREE : Online consultation by our professionals.
3.) FREE : Quotation generated based on client’s needs.

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Strategic Planning and Communication.

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1.) Identify website objective through communication.
2.) Consolidated client’s information in one website.
3.) Comprehensive industry research to ensure highest accuracy of SEO.

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Server Setup & Configuration.

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1.) Domain : We will register your preferred domain name (website url) to iCann registrar.
2.) Hosting : The registered domain name will connected to the web hosting (heart of the website).
3.) Content Management System (CMS) : All website contents can be managed through this system.

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Web Development.

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1.) Wireframing Website : Design Structure, Contents, Functionality, Stock Images, Photos.
2.) Optimization of HTML, CSS, JavaScript codes to ensure page’s performance like PageSpeed.
3.) Checking & Testing : Website Responsiveness, Functionality & Usability.
4.) Website completion :within 10 business working days (excluded weekend, public holiday).

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Support & Maintenance.

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1.) Unlimited website revisions.
2.) Update website in monthly basis.
3.) Monitoring website traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ​

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Who we are?

LjK Digital Empire (003002333-W) is a newly established digital company in Cheras, Malaysia, we primarily focus on low-cost premium business web design agency and cost-effective digital marketing consultancy services around the region.

What is your company mission statement?

LjK’s Mission:

– To provide the Lowest Cost of digital marketing so that every SME can advertise digitally and effectively.
– To maintain the Highest Performance of digital marketing campaigns.
– To embrace the Newest Technologies to increase cost-efficiency in digital marketing.

What type of web design we offer?

We primarily offer dynamic modern website as below :

– Product information website
– Company profile website
– Portfolio website
– NGO website
– Agency website
– Basic E-Commerce website (Sales Funnel)
– Membership – Coming Soon

What is the detailed web design package of your company

Premium Hosting
Domain Name
Content Management System (CMS) with training program
SSL Secured Certificate
Basic Content Writing
Stock Images
Premium Design that suite your needs
Website functionality: Live Chat, Dynamic Contact Form, Social Media Integration and etc
On-Page SEO Optimization
Website Security
Updates CMS Support
Business Email
Website Language: English or Chinese

What kind of industry do you work with?

LJK Digital Empire works with all kind of popular industry like F&B, Photography, Hair salon and many more.

What is your ongoing promotion campaign?

Our ongoing promotion is “RM 150 + RM 150 Referral Program” , this program will end until further notice.

How is your company payment methods do you accept?

– Online Transfer (Cash).
– Visa, Master, Amex.
– E-Wallets : TnG , Boost, Apple Pay, ShopeePay, GrabPay.
– DuitNow QR.

How much does a website cost?

Generally, a website (excluded e-commerce website) would cost you between RM 2500 above depending on the complexity of a website in the market, but LJK Digital Empire is a web design agency that creates quality website at affordable price – as low as RM1500. 

Transparent Pricing :
One-time yearly charge only.
No Hidden Charges.
No Monthly Management Fee.
No Deposit Payment.
Website Expiry: 1 Year (365 days) with dedicated support + 40% Yearly Renewal Discount.

How long does it take to build a website?

We will complete your website within 10 business working days (excluded weekend, public holidays).

How it works

Before the Project Start:

1.) Register your interests with us.
2.) Get a Free Consultation from our web development consultant to discuss your website in more detail.
3.) Get a Free Quotation based on your website’s requirements after the discussion.

During the Project:

1.) Administration & configuration costs are required after you reviewed & accepted the quotation.
*these costs are for website startup costs such as domain & hosting registration and etc.

2.) Balance payment will be paid after you are satisfied with your website, there is no any charges on website revision after you released the full payment to us.

After the Project is Completed:

We provide after sales service too! Our after sales service includes the following things:

1.) Monitoring our client’s website security in time-to-time basis
2.) Website maintenance tasks such as update website content if requested by our clients
3.) CMS training program
4.) Other tasks assigned by our valued clients

How to make a refund request?

We do have our own refund policy, you are welcome to discuss with us.

How to communicate with LJK Digital?

Phone call – +60115 991 0115
WhatsApp Business – +60115 991 0115

Latest News​

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For Sales Inquiry :

RM150 + RM150​

Welcome to LJK's Reward Program​

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how it works :

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  • RM 150 Off For Your First Time Purchase of Our Service​
  • Receive another RM 150 per Successful Referral Sales